The Beaded Door Project 2007

The Beaded Door Project 2007

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 9th Beading Meeting

We accomplished a lot last night. The bead guild voted to sponsor Suzanne S. to take a resin class at this year's Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Stay tuned after June to see what day Suzanne will come and demonstrate what she learned.

Four of our members also demonstrated how to make the Hippie Bracelet, how to use a loom, how to bend wire to make earrings and how to braid on a Kumihimo board.

Those that attended also voted on whether or not we should have a Mother's Day Sale at L'Attitudes again this year. The majority voted yes, so we will book the room for Friday, April 23rd. Start gathering your jewelry. Your attendance is not necessary to participate, although you must be a member in good standing and arrange for someone to take charge of your things after the sale. The Bead Guild cannot be responsible for lost items if you did not make arrangements ahead of time.

Dorilla bought in 3 finished quilt blocks to add to the quilt block that we will be donating to the Danielle Beverly Cancer Survivor Event in October. Dorilla got her inspiration from a piece of fabric that had leaf designs on it and then created her own peyote pattern. Great job Dorilla.
As you finish your quilt piece, give them to Diana who will sew them all together and place them in a shadow box.

Cathy also announced that the necklace, bracelet, and earrings that the group worked on last month was turned in to the Women's Center/Harbor House for their annual fundraiser auction.
Next month, bring your jewelry to check in for the Mother's Day Show.


The bad Liz said...

Just a quick note about a link I just added to the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild web page - not spam like those shoe comments.

It's on:

(Why didn't you have a guild when I lived in Gwinn???)

UP Bead Guild said...

If you ever come back up pay us a visit.